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Where My Loyalties Lie, as a Woman in this World

This is a look around.

My goal in this post is not to make definitive statements about the current events that provide the context for my own thoughts here. Mainly, I’m looking at the response of others to this event, specifically the response of women to the Ford’s testimony against Kavanaugh. Consider this post my response to a reaction. 

Social media has painted this picture of women from all walks of life, from all statuses rallying around Dr. Ford, proclaiming their unwavering belief in her testimony against Kavanaugh. Some of the marks of this picture are the presence of hashtags such as #ibelieveher and #believewomen on social media. I’m told that Ford’s boldness to stand is vital to society because she is not only standing for herself, but for all women. I’m told that Kavanaugh should withdraw his nomination as an act of support for all women—this idea coming from the lips of women. I’m told that if women don’t believe Ford’s story, then other women will not be empowered to stan…

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