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Never Underestimate the Power of a Mom.

This is a look back.

When I was a camp counselor, there was a set of twin girls who came. The girls stayed in different cabins, and one was in mine. The girls had beautiful thick, long, biracial hair that had to be brushed and put into one large braid each day. I had some experience with biracial hair, as two of my brothers are mixed. I enjoyed taking the time to brush the young girl’s hair and talk through what she was learning at camp and learn more about her story. For time’s sake, this meant that sometimes I brushed her hair on the dining hall porch while we waited for breakfast.

The other counselor who had my girl’s twin approached me one day and expressed her frustration that she needed to help her camper, that she didn’t like having to spend so much time just brushing hair. Her thought made sense, as she considered the child old enough to go to camp, yet not able to braid her own hair.

But, there is no such thing is “just brushing a girl’s hair.”

I could not help but consider th…

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